July 2011.
I'm Colin, Alison's partner of eight amazing years. Since her death I have referred to Alison as my wife. We were engaged, marriage may have been something that happened in the future, had we got that far together.
We had something special, she was my soul mate and my rock, I was her's. I could never ever imagine life without her.
When she died, part of me died with her, I am no longer the person I was, life is no longer what it was.
Every thing was perfect, now it's not.
The price you pay for 'true' love, is that when your love is taken away from you, nothing, even time, will make things better.
I now have to learn to live around the grief and the longing for her.

Alison lived life to the full, in her short 37 years of life, she achieved more than most do in a lifetime. She was highly intelligent and studied at Cambridge and achieved degrees in computer science and electronics.

When she bought her bike, it concened me, I constantly worried for her safety. She passed every advance riding test available, but it tragically didn't help her on the fatefull evening.
I would often say to her, I worry everytime you go out on the bike, but she would shrug it off by saying if I'm going to die, then on the bike would be the best way to go.
She certainly had no fear of death, one of her favourite sayings was 'everyone from this point of time is going to be dead in a hundred years anyway'!

All she did wish for if she died, was to never be forgotten and always remembered.

I will make sure her wish comes true.

Please visit my blog to read about my journey of grief and how I am coming to terms with the loss of Alison. It is written from the heart. 
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